27 de des. 2007

The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band - The M.A.C.B. Featuring Steve Hoffman, 1967

A psychedelic gem from this L.A. band not as weird as their name indicated. Very good psych-pop for the minorities or simply amazing.

1, The M.A.C.B. Theme
2, Sunbeams and Rainbows
3, I Think I'll Just Lay Here and Die
4, Gaberdine Square
5, Ah Ha Ha Ha
6, Krystalyze
7, Today
8, Yellow Room
9, Authors
10, It's Strange
11, Only Time
12, Oatmeal Quicksand

Get mystical!

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Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints, 1967

This is the debut long-player from the southern California band. The title track of this album topped national singles charts in December of 1967 (Billboard Top 100). As the cover art might suggest, their image practically defined both the musical as well as peripheral aspects of the pseudo-psychedelic counterculture. However, below that mostly visual veneer, Strawberry Alarm Clock actually have more in common with other Summer of Love bands such as Love and Kak than the bubblegum acts they have long been associated with... Entire review + tracks


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19 de des. 2007

OST : The Virgin Suicides

Sofia Coppola, the spoiled girl of daddy Coppola, presented in Cannes Festival in 1999 her debut film based in a novel of Jeffrey Eugenides. The movie was a good adaptation and a great obscure drama. I confess it's one of my favourites films (and soundtracks sure). But the best is the music, divided in two albums: one for the original film score composed by french band Air, and another for the soundtrack with a various artists compilation appeared in the movie. Both are really good, but I have special affection of Air's score beacause it was a present from a good friend of mine. Anyway, I recommend the both listenings hardly ...in this order:

The Virgin Suicides Film Score
composed by Air

1, Playground Love (Sung by Gordon Tracks)
2, Clouds Up
3, Bathroom Girl
4, Cemetary Party
5, Dark Messages
6, The Word 'Hurricane'
7, Dirty Trip
8, Highschool Lover (Theme from "The Virgin Suicides")
9, Afternoon Sister
10, Ghost Song
11, Empty House
12, Dead Bodies Killer piano-and-drums-with-synthetic-chorus funky pregressive track!
13, Suicide Underground

Film Score
+ info

The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack
Various Artists

1, Heart - Magic Man
2, Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me
3, Sloan - Everything You've Done Wrong
4, Air - Ce Matin La
5, The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe
6, Al Green - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
7, Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally)
8, 10cc - I'm Not In Love
9, Todd Rundgren - A Dream Goes On Forever
10, Heart - Crazy On You
11, Air - Playground Love (Vibraphone Version)
12, Styx - Come Sail Away


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15 de des. 2007

VA : Popshopping

One of the most killer advertising compilation I've ever heard! Highly ultra-recommended.
+ info

Popshopping Vol. 1
Juicy Music From German Commercials 1960-1975


1, Intro-Mal weghören, Jetzt kommt Werbung
2, Christian Bruhn - Ford Capri II
3, Klaus Doldinger - Wild Freshness
4, Max Meier-Maletz - Swinging Nordwest (Vocal)
5, Gert Wilden - Moulinex
6, Luigi Pelliccioni - Variationen K'71
7, Johnny Teupen - Minikillers I
8, Klaus Wüsthoff - Opel Commodore
9, Klaus Doldinger - Frei mit Boots
10, Arbeit '70
11, Klaus Wüsthoff - Polycolor
12, Klaus Wüsthoff - Mon Chéri
13, Swing a Little, Kim a Little
14, Hans Conzelmann und Delle Haensch - Tobler Twist
15, Erik Sylvester und Erik M. Joyct - Sein großer Traum
16, Peter Schirmann - Roth-Händle
17, Max Woiski Sr. - Nescafé Calypso
18, Baden, Brenk und Petri - Peach Girl
19, Christian Bruhn - Komm' in Fahrt-Der Hansa-pils-hit
20, Johnny Teupen - Minikillers II
21, Christian Bruhn - Ford Taunus
22, W. Breinig - Space-Freizeit '69
23, Max Meier-Maletz - Swinging Nordwest
24, Christian Bruhn - Strahler 70
25, Klaus Wüsthoff - Opel Rekord
26, Gert Wilden - Moulinex (TV Version)
27, Baden, Brenk und Petri - Sweet & Sexy
28, CJ Schäuble und Horst Jankoswki - Aus dem Titel 'Memories'


Popshopping Vol. 2
More Music from German Commercials 1962-1977


1, Peter Schirmann - Olivin
2, Botho Lucas Singers und Sound Masters - Zigarrillo
3, Brass'n Beatmachine Hermann Gehlen - Exposition K'71
4, Claudio Szenkar - Miss Fenjala
5, Hardy's Jet Band - Sorry Doc
6, Peter Schirmann - BMW
7, Oliver Peters - Wenn Der Teekessel Singt
8, Charles Nowa - Super-Nowa-Jingles
9, Shäfer, Richter und Hoffmann - London Look
10, Max Maier-Maletz - Wollsiegel Party
11, Die Deutschen Bullen–Die Kraft und Der Fortschritt
12, Horst Fischer - Der Mann Mit Der Goldenen Hand (Goldfinger cover)
13, Wolfgang Dauner - Edelkakao Cha Cha
14, Hardy's Jet Band - Frucade Hit
15, Martin Bottcher - Das Neue Haus–Hauptthema
16, Fischer und Maltz - Shoe Shoe Twist
17, Johnny Teupen - Opening
18, Wolfgang Dauner - Sabaphon TK 125
19, Peter Schirmann - Olivin 2
20, Harold Rosenstein und Claudio Szenkar - Go to Rallye
21, Martin Bottcher - Widia Sound '70
22, Ralf Heninger - The World's Over
23, Happy Meeting
24, Peter Thomas - Aral–Den Fortschritt Nutzen
25, Hardy's Jet Band - Island of my Dreams
26, Charles Nowa - Lux International
27, Peter Schirmann - Jasmin


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7 de des. 2007

VA : In Winter

Dear bloggers, here is a warm collection of latter 60s and first 70s obscure psychedelic folk and soft rock gems. Some of them are taken from Fading Yellow compilations (you must know). From poppy Paul Vigrass to barroque Scott Walker. Is the ideal songs collection as listening to these cold nights in a friends gathering with a glass of wine. Because everyone has an anarchic in his soul...this is a tribute to psychedelia time where love were the only way to live together in peace. I hope you enjoy like I did with this summer of love homage for winter.


1. Vigrass & Osborne - Forever Autumn
2. Evensong - The Smallest Man in the World
3. The Alan Brown - All I Can
4. The Sundowners - Always You
5. Vigrass & Osborne - Ballerina
6. The Storytellers - Alice Brown
7. Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair Canticle
8. Family - Face in the Clouds
9. Paul Vigrass - Stop
10. Wizz Jones - One Grain of Sand
11. Timon - And Now She Says She is Young
12. The Smoke Ring - Waitin’ for Love to Come My Way
13. Mid Day Rain - Friday Morning
14. Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day
15. Janis Joplin - Little Girl Blue
16. Belle & Sebastian - Judy is a Dickslap (piano)
17. The Walker Brothers - I Can’t Let it Happen to You
18. Andy Roberts - I Have Seen the Movie
19. Raw Material - Time and Illusion
20. Mark Mothersbaugh - 111 Arthur Avenue
21. Bill Evans - Peace Piece

updated Winter Of Love

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4 de des. 2007

Urusei Yatsura - We are Yatsura, 1996

Hello again blog-addicts! I know this album is not exactly what I usually post.. but this days I've listened to it once again and I wanted to share with you and remainds it. I love this debut album from scotish band Urusei Yatsura (now called only Yatsura because copyright problems with the anime comic of the same name) because it was one of my first albums of indie music I heard and I liked too. A minor classic-masterpiece of Lo-Fi music, it sounds like 'Slanted & Enchanted' from Pavement, Dinosaur Jr or Pixies. Very recommended!

But if you prefer something softer to hear in this cold winter nights...you'll have to wait for the next post :)


1, Siamese
2, First Day On A New Planet
3, Pow R. Ball
4, Kewpies Like Watermelon
5, Phasers On Stun/Sola Kola
6, Black Hole Love
7, Velvy Bood
8, Plastic Ashtray
9, Death 2 Everyone
10, Pachinko
11, (Untitled)
12, Kernel
13, Road Song

Do love Yatsura!

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1 de des. 2007

OST : The Thief Who Came to Dinner (by Henry Mancini, 1970)

Another brilliant Mancini's score from blaxplotation era. The bass lines and organ sounds make a good mysterious mood and a groovy pleasure.


1. Theme From 'The Thief Who Came to Dinner'
2. Love Theme For Laura
3. Tail Gate
4. Jackie's Theme
5. Dog Eat Dog
6. Soft Scene
7. Love Theme For Laura (Reprise)
8. First Job
9. The Patter
10. The Really Big Heist
11. Getaway
12. Theme From 'The Thief Who Came to Dinner'

Groovy Mancini

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