27 de des. 2007

The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band - The M.A.C.B. Featuring Steve Hoffman, 1967

A psychedelic gem from this L.A. band not as weird as their name indicated. Very good psych-pop for the minorities or simply amazing.

1, The M.A.C.B. Theme
2, Sunbeams and Rainbows
3, I Think I'll Just Lay Here and Die
4, Gaberdine Square
5, Ah Ha Ha Ha
6, Krystalyze
7, Today
8, Yellow Room
9, Authors
10, It's Strange
11, Only Time
12, Oatmeal Quicksand

Get mystical!

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Blogger ed! said...


Aquest de Strawberry Alarm Clock m'ha impresionat. El tema psicodelia no el tinc gaire explorat. Gracies!

30 de desembre, 2007  

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