19 de des. 2007

OST : The Virgin Suicides

Sofia Coppola, the spoiled girl of daddy Coppola, presented in Cannes Festival in 1999 her debut film based in a novel of Jeffrey Eugenides. The movie was a good adaptation and a great obscure drama. I confess it's one of my favourites films (and soundtracks sure). But the best is the music, divided in two albums: one for the original film score composed by french band Air, and another for the soundtrack with a various artists compilation appeared in the movie. Both are really good, but I have special affection of Air's score beacause it was a present from a good friend of mine. Anyway, I recommend the both listenings hardly ...in this order:

The Virgin Suicides Film Score
composed by Air

1, Playground Love (Sung by Gordon Tracks)
2, Clouds Up
3, Bathroom Girl
4, Cemetary Party
5, Dark Messages
6, The Word 'Hurricane'
7, Dirty Trip
8, Highschool Lover (Theme from "The Virgin Suicides")
9, Afternoon Sister
10, Ghost Song
11, Empty House
12, Dead Bodies Killer piano-and-drums-with-synthetic-chorus funky pregressive track!
13, Suicide Underground

Film Score
+ info

The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack
Various Artists

1, Heart - Magic Man
2, Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me
3, Sloan - Everything You've Done Wrong
4, Air - Ce Matin La
5, The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe
6, Al Green - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
7, Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally)
8, 10cc - I'm Not In Love
9, Todd Rundgren - A Dream Goes On Forever
10, Heart - Crazy On You
11, Air - Playground Love (Vibraphone Version)
12, Styx - Come Sail Away


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Anonymous greenpear said...

Just wanted to say thanks...

20 de desembre, 2007  
Blogger yoshime* said...

thanks to you for posting.
and tell me what u think about l'homme orchestre, if u liked...

20 de desembre, 2007  
Anonymous Anònim said...

iei! son magnifics aksts 2 albums, m atreviria a dir q millors q les pelis i tot. Tornant al popshopping, m'encanta Ford Taunus. Mon pare en tenia un quan jo era petit y m'ha portat grans records. Gracies again!

20 de desembre, 2007  

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