20 de des. 2009

VA : Rare & Bizarre 5

Finally, the 5th!

1. Michel Legrand & The London Symphony Orchestra - Theme and Variations For Two Pianos and Orchestra
2. Francis Lai - Le Peur (cut)
3. First One - Bacchus Dream
4. Brazilian Octopus - Pavane
5. RJD2 - De L'alouette (cut)
6. Soul Machine - Twitchie Feet
7. Mulatu Astatqé - Yègellé Tezeta
8. Stepchild - Obstinacy
9. Ben & The Platano Group - Black Waders
10. Lanzerot - Cool Pants
11. Silvano Spadacino & Iller Pattacini - Amarsi Male (Bossa Nova)
12. Roberto Pregadio e Romano Mussolini - Seq. 16 (cut)
13. Hybear Don Walker - Children of the Night
14. Ennio Morricone - Amore Come Dolore (cut)
15. (no artist) - La La La
16. Gianfranco e Gian Piero Reverberi - Maledettamente Donna
17. Roger Webb - Open Horizon (#)
18. Jacques Siroul - See
19. Serge Gainsbourg - New Délire Again
20. Nico Fidenco - La Via della Prostituzione (M9)

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Blogger achali said...

i enjoy these. thank you

21 de desembre, 2009  
Blogger Dirkson said...

YEAH! And there it is again! The great 5th compilation we've all been waiting for. I love your taste. (in fact mine is quite similar, but I don't have your music :-)

Cheers Raremarc!
Happy days (Christmas and all that)

21 de desembre, 2009  
Blogger Geoffrey Nel Thomas said...

Thank you! and I look forward to this new compilation to introduce me to more music.

22 de desembre, 2009  
Anonymous Anònim said...

stil hooked on the first 4 :)

26 de desembre, 2009  
Blogger raremarc said...

achali thanks you for the big smile :)

Dirkson music is for share, I'm glad you like the rare's comps, I hope you enjoy the listening like I did in the mixing, have a very good year 2010!

Geoffrey Nel Thomas if you makejust one discovery I'll be happy for that! keep in touch, merry xmas

ToonDoof hehe, I hope you will get hooked on this too, cheers :)

26 de desembre, 2009  
Blogger Martooni said...

Thanks for compiling and posting!

29 de desembre, 2009  
Blogger air-conditioned said...

lovely ! happy new year marc

03 de gener, 2010  
Blogger Andrés Duque said...

Finally, another great compilation, moltes gràcies

08 de gener, 2010  
Anonymous e to the b said...

Amazing as always. Big thanks from London!

01 de febrer, 2010  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Fifth time's a charm? Actually, they're all great, thanks for another great compilation.

16 de febrer, 2010  
Anonymous Crazy Monkey said...

Really Amazing Comps!!!
Thanks a lot; by the way, i'm starting a new blog-project, may i include your extreme rare bizarre comps?
(i'll send you the link later when it's done)

25 de març, 2010  
Blogger raremarc said...

glad to hear all that good vibes, thanks!

CM. if you could put a link to my blog it would be great ;)

25 de març, 2010  
Anonymous Crazy Monkey said...

Ok raremarc, here's my new project:
spent some time and visit me.



31 de març, 2010  
Blogger upkerry14 said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and think it's great! Thank you! Bill

25 de juny, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...

thanx mate, welcome

25 de juny, 2011  

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