10 de març 2011

VA : Rare & Bizarre Spotify Edition

Download Rare & Bizarre Vol. 1 to 5 here

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Blogger Jenny Sandypants said...

Dear Marc,

I have so long awaited your return and I would very much like to comment on your new comp, however I am unable to open it.

- Jen

21 de març, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...

well Jen ...this is the link if you'd try
There are some of the best songs appeared on my rare comps and some more that I found in spotify, not every songs. as you well know, there are still a lot of songs to upload, but it's ok, little by little :)
I hope u could listen it now.

best wishes !

22 de març, 2011  
Blogger Jenny Sandypants said...

Dear Marc,

Many thanks for the link. Spotify does not operate in the USA. awwwwww... Foiled again!

22 de març, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...

really?! what a shit! I didn't even know.

Anyway, doesn't matter Jen, I will post the 6th volume of rare and bizarre soon ;)

take care!

22 de març, 2011  
Blogger Nils said...

:-( aaw can't listen to it. Really looked formard to this ! Hope it comes online in another way :-). Always great compilations, thanks !

17 de maig, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...

hey Nils, here is the original link...


thanks for the kind words, i hope it works now ;)

17 de maig, 2011  
Anonymous Nils said...

Hey Marc,

The problem is that Spotify apparently available in my country (Belgium).
So sad :-( I used to download your compilations via mediafire or rapidshare.

10 d’agost, 2011  
Anonymous Nils said...

*I'snt available in my country* sorry :-)

10 d’agost, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...

hey Nils, this month begin the US incursion of this service, maybe in the next months could be able for the rest of the old country and asia, i hope that.

anyway, its only an another way to share music,
soon I will post another rare compilation...sorry for the wait :(

thanks for visiting,

12 d’agost, 2011  
Anonymous Nils said...

No problem,

thanks for the music so far, you have a beautiful taste ! Do you have a youtube account or maybe where I can find more of these sounds ?

23 d’agost, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...

well, nope.

30 d’agost, 2011  
Blogger Roberto Tostado said...

i found your blog today and it made my life complete!
it's almost 2 am and i can't stop listening!
thank you!

07 de març, 2012  
Blogger raremarc said...

wow, thanks Roberto! you are very welcome!

08 de març, 2012  
Blogger evansbigday said...

Hi Marc, I am with the others. Your compilations are best ever - you have the gift - but the Spotify edition has lost lots of fans. Can we have it by download please. Also can we get the original Rare and Bizarre (No 1) - the link is dead and I am sure lots of us want to hear it. Thanks for your great work.

30 de maig, 2012  
Blogger raremarc said...

Thanks for the comment evansbigday. I've updated the #1 ;) It is something by the moment.

UPDATED! http://therevivalblog.blogspot.com.es/2007/09/va-rare-bizarre-compiled-by-yoshime-hi.html ;)

01 de juny, 2012  
Blogger raremarc said...


Now you can find all the series and other stuff in my main blog. I've made new covers for the occasion :)

I'm uploading old material too. Little by little.

We make this for the passion of music and loving to share.

💭 http://raremarc.blogspot.com/2014/06/rare-bizarre-vol-1-to-5.html

11 de febrer, 2016  
Anonymous djfaust said...

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26 d’octubre, 2017  

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