18 de febr. 2008

OST : Blade Runner 'Esper Edition' (by Vangelis)

Thanks to Blade Runner Soundtracks blog, I discovered this awesome classic bootleg created in 2003 by Esper Productions.

These are the statements of the Esper people:

The "Esper Edition" was made by two Vangelis/BR fans. Both of us would like to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. The intention of this private release was to give "our take" or interpretation of what the Blade Runner soundtrack should be...We made a total of ten original copies: five for each of us. We then distributed them to friends in the Vangelis circle...The "Esper Edition" has surprisingly become "stuff of legend" in many Blade Runner circles‚ mentioned on many webpages all over the internet...We did it because we were sick of so many BR bootlegs floating around that never "got it right" in terms of chronology‚ or thoroughness. They all had something unique to them‚ but there were always oversights. So‚ like taking pieces from a puzzle‚ we decided to simply "cut and paste" from all the exiting releases....We originally wanted to make the discs just for our enjoyment‚ but we thought it would be neat to come up with artwork and make it a "private release" for our friends...by fans for fans, not money.

Taken from vangelis-rarities.com where you can read the entire statement.

Lovely music for a lovely film. One of the greatest ever made. I'm sure you'll agree with me. Let's take a listen.

part 1
part 2
part 3
Tracklist in comments.

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OST : Girl with a Pearl Earring (by Alexandre Desplat, 2003)

This is one of my favourite soundtracks from this decade. Actually, first I heard the soundtrack and after a time I watched the movie. If you have not seen it, doesn't matter, it's forgettable and unnecessary, because the music is so oneiric... Sometimes it can be sweet and lovely, and sometimes it can be dark and eery. Composed by Alexandre Desplat, it has a lot of similarity with the Philip Glass' scores. Mysteriously beautiful and touchingly intriguing, it is an awesome score I highly recommend.


1. Girl With a Pearl Earring (Main Theme)
2. Griet's Theme
3. A New Life
4. The Master's House
5. Camera Obscura
6. The Birth Feast
7. Cornelia
8. Vermeer's Studio
9. Winter Nights
10. Van Ruijven
11. Home
12. Colours In The Clouds
13. The Master Is Painting
14. By The Canal With Pieter
15. Catharina's Pearls
16. Colours In The Clouds (Strings)
17. Girl With a Pearl Earring (Reprise)
18. Silence and Light (Piano Solo)
19. Griet's Theme (Reprise)
20. Griet Remembers

Forget about the movie, just listen to the music!

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6 de febr. 2008

VA : Rare Melancholy

Compiled by raremarc

The Rare series continues. Because of my obsession to compile I've made this one for alone listeners when you are in calm and reflexive moment or when you are in disaffection. Sometimes I ask myself If we feel sad because of sadness and then we listen to sad music or the other way, we feel sad because of listening sad music. Whatever, sometimes we need to introspection for any reason and melancholy is the most favourable feeling to stop and look into yourself. If you miss your lo(a)st lover or you wanna find the peace without the –sometimes uncomfortable– silence, play this record and blow your mind.

1, Alexandre Desplat - Camera Obscura
2, Alberto Iglesias - Encuentro
3, Mikael Tariverdiev - U Tebia Takie Glaza
4, The Cinematic Orchestra - Postlude
5, Pink Martini - Song of the Black Swan
6, John Barry - Six Robots
7, Leo Delibes - Lakme: Flower Duet
8, Russ Garcia - Risque
9, The Lotus Eaters - Church at Llanbadrig
10, Kamarinskaya Russkaya Balalayka - Polones
11, Philippe Sarde - Thème de Gino
12, Francis Lai - L'arbre
13, Bernard Herrmann - Goodnight and The Park
14, Fritz Reiner - El Amor Brujo. El Círculo Mágico: Romance del Pescador
15, The Swingle Singers - Aria (Orchestral Suite No.3 in D Major)
16, Piero Piccioni - Turquoise
17, Squarepusher - Andrei
18, Aphex Twin - Petiatil Cx Htdui
19, Ryuichi Sakamoto - Rain
20, Philip Glass - The Crypt
21, Georges Delerue - Thème de Camille
22, Mikael Tariverdiev - Obeschanie Iyubvi
23, Ennio Morricone - La Madre Immorale
24, Bill Evans - Peace Piece
25, Michael Andrews - The Artifact and Living
26, Matmos - For the Trees (Return)

Feelings (Updated)

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2 de febr. 2008

Why not to be grateful?

This is a message to all of those people who don't mind the effort and time that supposes uploading an album. I enjoy to sharing music and blogging but it's disappointing to see a lot of downloads in my folder hosting and only 1 or 2 comments about the albums shared. I don't understand it. I suppose you're grateful for that, but I want to know your opinion. If you like my shares and enjoy what you're hearing, why don't you makes me happy with a quick and simple thank you? or a bit more appreciated comment? If there are more communication, it would be so nice.

I'd also like to thank all of these guys and girls who comments to me anytime. I'm very grateful.