2 de febr. 2008

Why not to be grateful?

This is a message to all of those people who don't mind the effort and time that supposes uploading an album. I enjoy to sharing music and blogging but it's disappointing to see a lot of downloads in my folder hosting and only 1 or 2 comments about the albums shared. I don't understand it. I suppose you're grateful for that, but I want to know your opinion. If you like my shares and enjoy what you're hearing, why don't you makes me happy with a quick and simple thank you? or a bit more appreciated comment? If there are more communication, it would be so nice.

I'd also like to thank all of these guys and girls who comments to me anytime. I'm very grateful.


Anonymous Anònim said...

mmm... ja saps, stic d'acord. es per aixo q voldria limitar d'alguna manera, x forçar la comunicacio.
baixant l'amic sven, ja te dire q tal.

02 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous ThePetunias said...

You're absolutely right!
I really, really appreciate and enjoy your work, especially your rare&bizarre compilations.
Keep it up!

02 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger ::: Luís Venceslau said...

Man, this is one of the most fucking blogs i never ever seen in my life. I don't know where do you find these things you post, but i've been enjoying a lot. I hope you keep posting for a long time. These rarities hasn't price.

And sorry about my english. I'm talking from Brazil. =]

03 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Cinner said...

Thank you for the great stuff you have posted!

03 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger Quietist said...

hey man, I come here somewhat regularly and wanted to say thanks a lot - your blog is one of the few where I really like picking up the mixes you compile. The 'Rare and Bizarre' in particular never fail to impress. Keep at it, it definitely is appreciated.
- Qui

03 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

ed! - desde q me pronunciat, estic veien q la gent participa mol més, a vegades només cal fer un toc datencio i la rutina es trenca. espero q tagradi l'sven, io crec q si. salut

thepetunias - I'm glad u like them. I'm specially obsessed to doing compilations everytime, for my friends, family and now for the blog and all the people who wanna listne to them. Soon...I will post more Rare compilations of other kind of music.

Luís - I will keep up posting for a long long time! I guess u had a good Carnaval weekend :) beautiful mininhas in Brazil ah?!

cinner - thank you too :)

quietist - thanks for the words, I really like to hear it. the same I said to "thepetunias", if u are interested in other kind of music soon I will post more Rare complilations I hope you like them too.

have a nice week to all. and don't stop the music!

04 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Thank you very much for all of the great posts, Yoshime. I'm a big fan of the Rare & Bizarre compilations, and you've turned me on to a lot of great music.

04 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger ::: Luís Venceslau said...

So, do u know carnaval? right.. It's must be a madness for someone of other place. heheh All the country get into a big party, and we can see our girls, the best in the world, naked for 4 days on TV. heheheh

And I think you tried to say "menininhas", it's like "niñas", "chicas", "chicks", "gatas".. heheheh

04 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Vaig descobrir el teu blog fa un més. Es sens dubte el millor blog que he visitat mai; (i visite blogs molt a sovint). Tens un gust fora de lo comú: "Zigarillo" o Los Basilios...
Si us plau, no deixis de compartir els teus descobriments musicals. La música que ens ofereixes ha camviat els meus matins cuan conduiexo al treball o els meus divendres a la tarda cuan agafo l'avió cap a Madrid. Ara tot es mes cool...

05 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

You're right. Thanks for all your work and the good music!!!

Regards, Stephan

05 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Tens raó. Em sol agradar molt la música que poses i mai t'he dit res.

05 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Thanks for da mix, you crazy guy!!
YYYEEAAHHH!!!but Seriously good ear for melodie and style..

06 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

I have planned to leave a comment on your blog before - especially the "Rare and Bizarre" compilations that I really enjoy - but somehow it never happened.

Anyway, please keep up the good work, this blog is one I check regularly and usually I find something interesting, even if not always in my taste.

I read somewhere that a common rate is 1 comment per 200-300 visits/downloads, so don't expect too much. The downloads themselves are a mark of approval.


14 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...


thank you all!

anònim el cotxe tb és un dels meus llocs preferits per escoltar música, la radio em sol aborrir i sempre posen les mateixes cançons. molts cops mhe imaginat q hi ha algu en algun lloc q esta escoltan el mateix... i ara ja tinc la certesa, i mencanta! és un dels comentaris més bonics q he llegit mai, pq el sento molt proper. la próxima vegada podries deixar algun nom per identificarte, realment mhas emocionat. salut i espero q tagradin els q penji properament.

18 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Yoshime - thanks for all your work and the thought you put into the music you choose...I have not commented before, but you should know, visiting your blog reminds me of when I was a kid, and my older friends would say "you have to hear this song" or some band...and those songs and/or group ends up becoming some of your absolute favorite music. Believe me, your work is very much appreciated, and you have impeccable taste!

24 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

i remember when I was a child and my parents put a record in the weekend mornings. I always woke up with janis joplin, jethro tull, james taylor or serrat (catalan musician) or pink floyd. I guess everybody has had their influences when he was a child...

thanks for the comments, feel free to say what you want!

25 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger Jennifer S said...

I am an art teacher and play music during class as part of the curriculum. For the most part, I am encouraged to play classical, but the children tire of it, and being a long time fan of psychedelic oddities myself, I do, too. Your blog has been a beacon of light as it exposes me to infinite new material that is not only acceptable for the classroom, but simultaneously nurtures that cutting edge art teacher I always wanted to be for my kids. Thank you for the constant enlightenment. : )

05 de març, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

jennifer s -- this is funny, because I'm an art student :)
and I'm sure you are a great teacher and your children must be delighted to learn with you.
It's a pleasure and I'm glad you like this kind of music (all kind, I mean) and I hope you to like the next stuff I will post.

06 de març, 2008  
Anonymous dom said...

People don't say thankyou enough...if I ever download anything I always try to leave a comment (I haven't on your blog because I've not d/loaded anything)...

There's too much take & not even give in the world. Most blogs don't get enough "thankyou" comments & many bloggers have given up because of this lack of interaction...it should be about communication & sharing, not taking & running.

Sadly, blogs reflect the selfish world we inhabit.

13 de març, 2008  
Blogger P.T. O'Malley said...

I am shamed. Great comilations. Truly eclectic music. I learn something new with each visit. Keep going and many thanks. P.T.

29 d’agost, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

You a great guy, dude. Tanks a lot!

25 de juny, 2009  
Blogger Catarina said...

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


18 de gener, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...


15 de novembre, 2011  

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