6 de febr. 2008

VA : Rare Melancholy

Compiled by raremarc

The Rare series continues. Because of my obsession to compile I've made this one for alone listeners when you are in calm and reflexive moment or when you are in disaffection. Sometimes I ask myself If we feel sad because of sadness and then we listen to sad music or the other way, we feel sad because of listening sad music. Whatever, sometimes we need to introspection for any reason and melancholy is the most favourable feeling to stop and look into yourself. If you miss your lo(a)st lover or you wanna find the peace without the –sometimes uncomfortable– silence, play this record and blow your mind.

1, Alexandre Desplat - Camera Obscura
2, Alberto Iglesias - Encuentro
3, Mikael Tariverdiev - U Tebia Takie Glaza
4, The Cinematic Orchestra - Postlude
5, Pink Martini - Song of the Black Swan
6, John Barry - Six Robots
7, Leo Delibes - Lakme: Flower Duet
8, Russ Garcia - Risque
9, The Lotus Eaters - Church at Llanbadrig
10, Kamarinskaya Russkaya Balalayka - Polones
11, Philippe Sarde - Thème de Gino
12, Francis Lai - L'arbre
13, Bernard Herrmann - Goodnight and The Park
14, Fritz Reiner - El Amor Brujo. El Círculo Mágico: Romance del Pescador
15, The Swingle Singers - Aria (Orchestral Suite No.3 in D Major)
16, Piero Piccioni - Turquoise
17, Squarepusher - Andrei
18, Aphex Twin - Petiatil Cx Htdui
19, Ryuichi Sakamoto - Rain
20, Philip Glass - The Crypt
21, Georges Delerue - Thème de Camille
22, Mikael Tariverdiev - Obeschanie Iyubvi
23, Ennio Morricone - La Madre Immorale
24, Bill Evans - Peace Piece
25, Michael Andrews - The Artifact and Living
26, Matmos - For the Trees (Return)

Feelings (Updated)

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Anonymous sara said...

i haven't listened yet but i intentionally wanted to comment ahead of time because i know this will be yet another masterpiece.
thank you so much for your compilations.
they are works of sheer genius to say the least.
big ups.
Dirty Drums.

07 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

You're an artist. The music is beautiful and the segues are dead on. What's next is always interesting. The same for your blog. I'm always surprised by what I find here. It's that surprise that leaves me at a loss for words. I'm a bit intimidated to make remarks that I think might be too trivial but, in a sense, you've opened up the door for that. So here goes. Regarding your Marilyn compilation, I confess that I was only interested in "Happy Birthday, Mr President", but was glad to find so much more. I wanted to point you to a link that you might want to see, since you also make pictures: http://www.mbfala.com/Jackson/Jackson_Confidential.html Alison Jackson invents unbelievable photographic situations, some including Marilyn. And finally, a while back you mentioned your fondness for Broadcast, which I was also surprised about. I've always liked the song "The Booklovers".

As always, thanks.

07 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

I have found the peace!

07 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

For me, your best compilation. Wonderful!!!
Regards, Frank

08 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

I've downloaded and all three Rare and Bizarre and now Melancholy.

Its difficult to put together interesting comps. And your are really good at it. Especially a quality like Melancholy.

Thank you for your efforts and continue to shine!


09 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger Quietist said...

this one is great - it's good to know that other people still appreciate the art of the "mixtape". this one almost rivals the winter compilation, one of the best in my opinion (not counting the rare and bizarre comps).

one question though, instead of only using rapidshare - would you consider using sharebee or something similar? it would upload it to rapidshare, but also megaupload, zshare, etc.

I know this sounds spoiled, and you don't have to take my advice - but sometimes I come upon so many great things at once on this blog - that rapidshare's wait times between downloads drives me nuts.

just a thought, but either way - incredible blog, keep up the good work. it's definitely appreciated.


10 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

All your comps are wonderful. And this one especially. Thank you

11 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Thanks. I needed that.

12 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

molt bo tio! i el solar flares tb. gran blog!

Del que hi ha penjat no hi ha les meves aportacions. Miro d'acompanyar i crear armonies i tal del q hem anat fent, ja saps q la meva tecnica es escasa mes aviat i dos mesos no donen per gaire... Pot ser un espectacle dantesc :D

14 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

thanks a lot i really enjoy listening to these

14 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger Luís Venceslau said...

Cry? It's not made to cry, it makes seriously happy. One more fantastic compilation. Thanks, dude. =]

14 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger Vinyl Room said...

I want to add my thanks too, that this compilation is just brilliant!

15 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

thanks for this such a nice comments!

sara: you makes me blush :) I've never created such a good expects to anybody, Im glad you like my comps before heard them. hehe ...soon, more!

anonimous #1: the pics from the link are so funny :) and yes, broadacst is a great band. retro and futuristic, like I love.

anonimous #2 happy to help you to find peace!

Frank thank you man, it's wonderful to read that words.

quietist: yes, now, Im considering to use some multi-host but Im checking them yet.

Martooni: I really like your "name"! thanks for comments!

anonimous #3: I need (your words) too, thank you, and next time, maybe would you leave a name to remember you.

ed!: tu si que ets gran!

sam y: thank u too

luís v: me alegro q te alegre lo que hice alegremente sin saber que alegraria, más pensando que deprimiria por la nostalgia q sentía cuando lo hice, o q tal vez y con esperanzas a ello, ayudaria a vencer esa melanconia, aunq creyendo q acompañaria mejor este sentimiento q no al contrario. has entendido algo? ;)

vinyl room: it was made for you. thank you too

18 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

This compilation is just wonderfull.

23 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Licorice Pizza said...

Thanks for the comps. Great stuff here and on Rare & Bizzare. Some stuff I have heard but new doors open on each set. Thanks for widening the musical landscape. LP

27 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

lovely stuff

06 de març, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...


10 de març, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

you are the best,these rare and bizare stuff are really great...keep on

20 d’agost, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Link Is Dead !!! Could You Repost It Please ???

09 de gener, 2012  

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