18 de febr. 2008

OST : Blade Runner 'Esper Edition' (by Vangelis)

Thanks to Blade Runner Soundtracks blog, I discovered this awesome classic bootleg created in 2003 by Esper Productions.

These are the statements of the Esper people:

The "Esper Edition" was made by two Vangelis/BR fans. Both of us would like to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. The intention of this private release was to give "our take" or interpretation of what the Blade Runner soundtrack should be...We made a total of ten original copies: five for each of us. We then distributed them to friends in the Vangelis circle...The "Esper Edition" has surprisingly become "stuff of legend" in many Blade Runner circles‚ mentioned on many webpages all over the internet...We did it because we were sick of so many BR bootlegs floating around that never "got it right" in terms of chronology‚ or thoroughness. They all had something unique to them‚ but there were always oversights. So‚ like taking pieces from a puzzle‚ we decided to simply "cut and paste" from all the exiting releases....We originally wanted to make the discs just for our enjoyment‚ but we thought it would be neat to come up with artwork and make it a "private release" for our friends...by fans for fans, not money.

Taken from vangelis-rarities.com where you can read the entire statement.

Lovely music for a lovely film. One of the greatest ever made. I'm sure you'll agree with me. Let's take a listen.

part 1
part 2
part 3
Tracklist in comments.

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Blogger yoshime* said...

Disc 1

1. Prologue and main titles (3:54)
2. Leon´s Voight Kampff test (1:09)
3. Sushi bar – Damask rose (2:46)
4. Spinner ascent (1:21)
5. Blush response (5:43)
6. Wait for me (5:12)
7. Deckard meets Rachael (1:36)
8. Rachael´s song (4:20)
9. Tales of the future (4:53)
10. Bicycle riders (2:10)
11. Chew´s eye lab (1:15)
12. Memories of green (5:35)
13. Blade Runner blues (10:01)
14. Pris meets J.F. Sebastian (1:47)
15. One more kiss, dear (4:04)

Disc 2

1. Deckard´s dream (1:10)
2. Thinking of Rachael (Love theme-different take) (1:18)
3. Esper analysis (2:34)
4. Animoid row (2:34)
5. Taffey Lewis night club (2:02)
6. Salome´s dance (1:23)
7. Zhora´s retirement (1:42)
8. I am the business (2:29)
9. Love theme (4:58)
10. I dreamt music (4:32)
11. Morning at the Bradbury (3:46)
12. The prodigal son brings death (4:07)
13. Deckard Enters the Bradbury (3:37)
14. Dangerous days (0:57)
15. Wounded animals (10:53)
16. Tears in rain (2:51)
17. Rachael sleeps (2:08)
18. End titles (4:06)

24 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...


25 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous David said...

Thanks so much for making this available! This has always been one of my favorite soundtracks and films.


02 de març, 2008  
Blogger 24HourDejaVu said...

thanx for this one Big SCFI fan

25 de març, 2008  

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