29 d’oct. 2007

VA : Vital Organs

Groovy Sounds Ulimited & Mr Fine Wine present

" One of the cookingest funky compilations we've ever carried - a monster batch of 10 funky Hammond organ tracks, all pretty darn obscure! The set was done under the supervision of New York Funk 45 DJ Mr Fine Wine - and features a stunning batch of tunes that are all plenty darn hard to find - and filled with heavy drums, roaring basslines, and super-smoking work on keyboards! Plus, unlike lots of other dodgy sets on the market, the whole thing's totally legit - and very well researched and thought out. Titles include "Cool Dad" by Ross Carnegie, "The Hatch" by The TMGs, "Every Time part 2" by Buddy McKnight, "Soul Power" by Jimmy Willis, "Foot Stumping" by The Organics, "Put Your Weight On It part 1" by The Filmore St Soul Rebellions, "Shimmy" by Toussaint McCall, and "Don't Give A Damn" by King Cain/Silvertone Band. Great! "


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25 d’oct. 2007

Update #1

Yes people, thanks to jazzelude's links I could have uploaded the Easy Tempo collection from Vol. 1 to 10 (End Titles) again.
Now you can download'em from the original posts.

Easy Tempo 1 - A Cinematic Easy Listening Experience
Easy Tempo 2 - The Psycho Beat
Easy Tempo 3 - Further Cinematic Easy Listening Experiences
Easy Tempo 4 - A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Exciting and Diverse Cinematic Themes
Easy Tempo 5 - A Slammin' Cinematic Experience
Easy Tempo 6 - A Cinematic Jazz Experience
Easy Tempo 7 - Bikini Beat
Easy Tempo 8 - Cinematica!! Different Musical Horizons
Easy Tempo 9 - The Ultimate Cinematic Compendium [My Favourite]
Easy Tempo 10 - ...End Titles

7 d’oct. 2007


Hi guys, I need some help. I'm looking for this abum, Laurent Petitgirard's Pop Instrumental de France.
Anybody have a ripped copy?
I'm really obsessed with it.
I will be very grateful for it.

2 d’oct. 2007

VA : World Psychedelic Classics 3

Love's a Real Thing : The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of west Africa

Yummy, yummy, yummy! What an amazing album!

This one came to me from The Album Club, a monthly subscribtion from the wordl's best record shop Rough Trade in London where i've subsribed during a few months ago. This club sends you every month 3 surprising albums of new good stuff. Firstly, you describe what tipe of music you like and then they select some great new albums from their shop. Many albums are boring or simple diferent what I like but ...once upon a time, this compilation appears in my life. You just only have to hear it and you discover an awesome rythms and psychedelic sounds like Gambian garage-rock, modal Malian funk, a Guinean-Cuban guajira with a wah-wah lead and a proto-electro protest song by William Onyeabor from Nigeria. From the Gold Coast to Cameroon, traversing the territory of Jimi Hendrix and James Brown, this album is an African assimilation of the psychedelic revolution. Very recommended. Hope you like it!

Orchestra Poly-Ritmo de Contonu Dahomey - Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome
2, Super Eagles -
Love's a Real Thing
3, Moussa Dombia - Keleya [I love it]
4, Manu Dibango - Ceddo End Title
5, Sorry Bamba - Porry
6, No. 1 de No. 1 - Guajira Ven
7, William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind [I love it too]
8, Ofo & The Black Company - Allah Wakban
9, Gaspar Lawal - Awon-Ojise-Oluwa
10, Bunzu Sounds - Zanibu
11, Tunji Oyelana & The Benders - Ifa
12, Orchestra Regional de Kayes - Sanjna

If anybody have the vol. 1 or 2... please, comment.

Download this gem from Rapidshare
or from Zshare

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