25 d’oct. 2007

Update #1

Yes people, thanks to jazzelude's links I could have uploaded the Easy Tempo collection from Vol. 1 to 10 (End Titles) again.
Now you can download'em from the original posts.

Easy Tempo 1 - A Cinematic Easy Listening Experience
Easy Tempo 2 - The Psycho Beat
Easy Tempo 3 - Further Cinematic Easy Listening Experiences
Easy Tempo 4 - A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Exciting and Diverse Cinematic Themes
Easy Tempo 5 - A Slammin' Cinematic Experience
Easy Tempo 6 - A Cinematic Jazz Experience
Easy Tempo 7 - Bikini Beat
Easy Tempo 8 - Cinematica!! Different Musical Horizons
Easy Tempo 9 - The Ultimate Cinematic Compendium [My Favourite]
Easy Tempo 10 - ...End Titles


Anonymous x.d. said...

Thank you so much for posting these. I have been trying to complete my collection for about seven years now.

05 de novembre, 2007  
Anonymous BEA-BOP said...


WOW!!!! I guess I have been living in a vacum for way too many years!!! I have never heard such a diverse range of jazz music!!
I have only (at this point) DL'd Vol 9... thank you so very much for sharing this lovely music!! I am forever in your debt!!!


07 de novembre, 2007  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Yes, another great big thanks for posting these. I had given up ever even finding Vol. I and now all of them are available! Too good to be true! Life is good!


07 de novembre, 2007  
Blogger nicola said...

Pompous stuff! Thx & more thx.
-a fan from pannonia-

20 de novembre, 2007  
Blogger Danilo said...

A big wide thank you with cheese on top!!! :D
Along with the musics, I've been looking for the (front & back) cover pictures of this records. There's any chance for you to post them somewhere for downloads?
Just to make it crystal clear: A BIG WIDE THANK YOU WITH CHEESE ON TOP!!! :D

19 de desembre, 2007  
Blogger yoshime* said...

hi danilo, Im sorry so its impossible. I only find them on blogs and I dont know about the back covers of the albums.

thanks to all for posting!
I hope u enjoying the music.

19 de desembre, 2007  

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