7 d’oct. 2007


Hi guys, I need some help. I'm looking for this abum, Laurent Petitgirard's Pop Instrumental de France.
Anybody have a ripped copy?
I'm really obsessed with it.
I will be very grateful for it.


Blogger fio Abril said...

I'm sorry, i don't have it but the cover is familiar, I think I’ve seen it somewhere but then again there are many black and white covers like that around. Anyway it was already a long time ago. Have you asked Xtabay’s Planet about it or any related ones in his list?

good luck

14 d’octubre, 2007  
Blogger Yoshime* said...

yes, i try it everything...somehow, thanks

15 d’octubre, 2007  
Blogger Yoshime* said...

wow, thank u very much! its a great album. i specially like 'cobra sway' :)

24 d’octubre, 2007  
Blogger phil said...

L'autor ha eliminat aquest comentari.

24 d’octubre, 2007  
Blogger Tex Jernigan said...

I think this is it, just found it haven't listened yet.


25 d’octubre, 2007  
Blogger Yoshime* said...

I love it!

29 d’octubre, 2007  

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