21 de març 2006

VA : Easy Tempo 7

Bikini Beat

thanks to jazzelicious

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Blogger Rob said...

Any chance you have Track 6??
Seems to be missing, maybe a link just to it, save downloading whole thing again.


22 de març, 2006  
Blogger Yoshime* said...

yes, Im sorry, the track 6 is missing. i delated.
if u want to find it, its: Barigozzi Group "Airport Rock"

22 de març, 2006  
Blogger PS said...

hi ...looks like this blogger gonna post all the D Fingers comps if he misses any I will post them...
see you gary

22 de març, 2006  
Blogger Loopy C said...

Thanks for the heads up on that soundsational, i have V1 & V2, can't wait to 'finger' what lurks under the dust of the rest ;-)

23 de març, 2006  
Blogger The Impaler said...

More sadness, track 13 seems to be corrupt & gone also from this vol :(

Still great to have what is here though!

14 de juny, 2006  

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