30 de set. 2008

OST : Airport (by Alfred Newman, 1970)

You're right people. Here is a not bad soundtrack, where you can listen to Love Theme which was an inspiration (who says inspiration says sampler) for Persuasion by The Climax placed on Rare Vocals 1.

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Anonymous Licorice Pizza said...

Comps are good! Especially yours have been. I always try to search to see if what I have to post has been or is out there. Sometimes it is but at nasty low bitrate or crappy rip. I so appreciate the time the premier bloggers take to provide a clean, tagged rip. LP

01 d’octubre, 2008  
Blogger Soulfinga said...

I agree with him ... definitely compilations, cause yours are great and i was inspired a lot by some tunes! can´t wait to hear more rare & bizarre stuff;-)

cheerz from Germany


06 d’octubre, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...


I've been sampling a bit from your blog even though I've never heard of some of it. But I like what I hear! Thanks for broadening my musical horizon...

03 de novembre, 2008  
Blogger Yerblues said...

Yes, I love compilations as well. Speaking of this particular score. It's an Alfred Newman's, and that says a lot... period. The Love Theme official version is marvelous indeed. But, for me, the most unforggetable version of the song was not on the OST. It was the Love Theme from Airport, by Vinnie Bell.. man, everytime I hear it, no matter what I'm doin', I stop and listen to it... Thanks for the share, mate.

11 de març, 2009  

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