8 de des. 2008

OST : CQ (by Mellow, 2001)

CQ is the debut on cinema for Roman Coppola, well-known music video director. The movie is a good homage to Sci-Fi B-movies from the 60s like Barbarella or Danger: Diabolik. And what could I say about the score? A groovy modern classic of this gender (psych lounge) composed by french band Mellow. I'm sure you need no introduction, cause I guess you've been searching it for a long time...don't u?

Don't miss a track:

1. Seek You
2. Codename: Dragonfly
3. Take Me Higher (Vocal: Alison David)
4. Love on the Moon
5. Claude François - Ce Soir, Je Vais Boire
6. 321... Zero
7. Song for the Loved One
8. Antonello Paliotti - In The Cave
9. I Love You
10. A Vision
11. Airplane
12. Rivolizione Sessantanove
13. Jacques Dutronc - Le Responsable
14. Absolutely Free
15. CQ Theme
16. Chain Reaction
17. Multithing
18. CQ Car Chase
19. Paul Piot - Tous En Scène
20. The Lost One
21. Dragonfly: M36
22. Dragonfly Car Chase
23. Who Is Dragonfly?
24. The End
25. CQ Song

Click, Download, Play!

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Blogger wheresyourmoney? said...

thank you...

11 de desembre, 2008  
Anonymous Dirkson said...

Lovely selection. Enjoying every bit. Only a lttle pitty of the bitrate quality, sometimes a bit low. If I may nag a bit.

Enjoy 2009!

04 de gener, 2009  
Blogger yoshime* said...

Nagging is good! you can nag a lot here. i dont care. the bitrate is a shit, its not a secret. I will do better next time...so, you have to come back to see it :)

happy nine year!

05 de gener, 2009  
OpenID syorgon said...

Mellow movie, perfect soundtrack. Thanks, eh!

07 de gener, 2009  
Blogger beastie said...

I have it from a friend at 320 vinyl rip..... if anyone would like to have it.... drop a mail for the link :)

Thanks for sharing, great music, I keep listening round and round in the last three days.

24 de gener, 2009  
Blogger Axsmusic said...

Yeah! Loved the picture and the music.. Gifted family I may say.

28 de gener, 2009  
Anonymous Dirkson said...

Yo Beasty!

Please mail me the 320 version-link! That would be great! Please mail to: dirksons[at]gmail.com


07 de febrer, 2009  
Blogger PERUCHO said...

Hey marc, gracias por los comentarios en mi blog...está muuuuy bueno el tuyo también! Cosas bastante interesantes... empiezo por bajar este ost y después te cuento. Intercambiamos links? Un saludo grande!

12 de febrer, 2009  
Blogger rare marc said...

buenas Perucho! este soundtrack esta bien, pero te recomiendo uno de mis compilados, "rare vocals" o "rare & bizarre 4" donde encontraras mas variedad y calidad ;p

12 de febrer, 2009  
Anonymous wza said...

the world is waiting for a new compilation !!!

25 de febrer, 2009  
Anonymous Anònim said...

hello, just wanted to say thank you again for all of your posts.. i have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these pieces.

19 d’abril, 2009  
Blogger Parties Fines said...

yes i'm waiting for a new compilation too !
thank u for all !

see u
B. from Marseille (France)

17 de maig, 2009  
Blogger Munju said...

Hello Raremarc,

Thank you for your great work!

..::New Feature::..

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we added your blog

check it out!

cheers! :)

17 de juliol, 2009  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Thanks alot!

27 de setembre, 2011  

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