22 d’ag. 2008

VA : Rare Vocals

Hello, hello, hello everybody! I'm back.

I had some vacations last days and I have negleted the blog, but I did my homeworks and I've made another compilation for all of you. Also I have read all of the messages you write me, many thanks to all of you! Specially for the anonymous...who write me frequently...hehe.
It's quite warm in here, summer in spain you know? well, not exactly spain, I mean Barcelona. And I want to refresh the neurons with some good music! If you are on holiday or you have been back to the work sadly, there is a little break.

Well, a bunch of funky, soulfy, poppy and loungy songs from 60s to 70s with GREAT VOCALS.
Stop chatting! Let's play some music. Etta...dazzle us!

And here are the tracks:

1, Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - In The Basement Pt. 1
2, Dusty Springfield - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face
3, Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair
4, Jimmy Van & Richard Hierenymus - I Weigh With Kilos
5, Marlena Shaw - California Soul
6, Billie Davis - Nobody's Home to Go Home To
7, Freddy Cole - Brother Where are You?
8, Joe Pass - A Time For Us
9, Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin - Ballade de Melody Nelson
10, The Walker Brothers - I Can't Let It Happen To You
11, The Climax - Persuasion
12, Ennio Morricone e Gianni Morandi - La Fisarmonica
13, Mario Nascimbene et Jula De Palma - Le Cafard
14, Piero Piccioni e Shawn Robinson - Once and Again
15, Stelvio Cipriani e Olympia - Femina Ridens
16, Bappi Lahiri & Parvati Khan - Jimmy Jimmy Aaja
17, C.K. Mann & Carousel 7 - Funky Hilife
18, The Paragons - Got to Get Away
19, Timebox - Beggin'
20, Gunther Kallmann Choir - Daydream
21, Golube Gitari - Veter Severniy
22, Ludmila Senchina - Zolushka
23, Helen Merrill - Smog
24, Jeff Alexander Feat. Bonnie Beecher - Come Wander With Me
and the special final track:
25, little Sally Jane Bruce singing "Pretty Fly" with Walter Schumann's music from the original score of "The Night of the Hunter". So creepy.

Find it HERE

Have fun! and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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Anonymous Anònim said...

Good to have you back - its been too long!

23 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger Andrés Duque said...

Yeah, looks quite juicy this compilation, it's downloading right away...thanks my friend!

23 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger Andrés Duque said...

So far, it's like butter... Funky!

23 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger ufo said...

Cool comp.... your taste in mixing is appreciated!

23 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger Andrés Duque said...

That last track reminds me of a film...if it's so, do you know which one is it?

The base melody in The Climax - Persuasion. Do you know the original title...??? that was a typical radio son from when I was a kid.

Thanks & thanks!

26 d’agost, 2008  
Anonymous Manuel said...

Et trobaba a faltar.
I was kind of missing you.

26 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

andrés la ultima cancion es de la peli "La Noche del Cazador" (titulo original The Night Of The Hunter) con Robert Mitchum haciendo de predicador loco. y la base original de Persuasion no tengo ni idea, de echo ni sabia q fuera un sampler, así q voy a ver si la encuentro...ya te diré!

manuel gracies! jo tambe ho trobava a faltar aixo....
un saludo afectiu
pd. a veure si t'animes i mensenyes q ESCOLTES ;) en forma de blog

ufo thank you very very much...your kind words are so apreciated and if my taste is good enough for you, you have a pretty good taste too ;) (joking) feel free to say what you want, my ego will thank you, hehe.


27 d’agost, 2008  
Anonymous Licorice Pizza said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to this one. Looks like the girl on the cover got the pudding. She must have eaten all her meat! LP

27 d’agost, 2008  
Anonymous Manuel said...

Here's my new blog:

28 d’agost, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Good to see that you're back. Nice mix as usual.

29 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger Dr. Z said...

Hi yosh! Molt bona aksta compilation tb...

Persuasion was used on "Airport" (1970) in a magic scene were Jacqueline Bisset (a stewardess) says to Dean Martin (captain) that she's embarassed by he.

30 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger Andrés Duque said...

You got it right dr. Z. You are great, Once I read your post remembered it inmediatly. Thanks, Yoshime thanks for the other tip from The Night of the Hunter. :-)

30 d’agost, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Just blasted through the comp. Brilliant. Many thanks.

01 de setembre, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

Thank you! - d.

08 de setembre, 2008  
Blogger Luís Venceslau said...

Great return! Well done, man. Each song is a pearl, a treasure. The file is big but it worths to wait.. ehheh

Keep posting things like these, there's no other blog like this on net, i guess.. hehehe

17 de setembre, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

muito obrigado LUIS!

17 de setembre, 2008  
Blogger Dirkson said...


Cool compilation again! I don't really agree with your girlfriends arguement about the cover thoug. I actually think it is quite... attracktive. :-)

18 de setembre, 2008  
Blogger Luís Venceslau said...

ahn?? você entende português? heheheh

('cos it's strange, i'm brazilian, you're from barcelona, and we talking in english.. hehehe)

18 de setembre, 2008  
Blogger rickdog said...

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23 de setembre, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

love your compilation !
great taste, for sure...

can't wait to listen to the next ones

have a nice day

06 d’octubre, 2008  
Blogger Nick said...

Another great mix. Good to see your still keeping with it.

10 d’octubre, 2008  
Blogger mrB said...

looks good, thanks!

15 de gener, 2009  
Blogger PERUCHO said...

tenías razón, buena selección! Un saludo!

Ah, te agregué a mi lista de links...si quieres me agregas a la tuya... sólo si quieres! =)

12 de febrer, 2009  
Anonymous Anònim said...

great summer compilation! about the cover... it looks like some kind of disco-hedonistic version of rolling stones tongue... nice, very very nice!

26 de març, 2009  
Blogger David said...

Great Job

03 de setembre, 2009  
Blogger boppinbob said...

Just found your excellent blog.Thanks for this wonderful compulation.
Regards, Bob

05 d’octubre, 2009  
Blogger Catarina said...


18 de gener, 2011  
Blogger raremarc said...

#2 is near, thanx for the kind words to all of you!

19 de gener, 2011  

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