25 de març 2008

VA : Achilifunk

Gipsy Soul 1969-79

17 Cañonazos Latin Flamenco Funk Soul Rumba Disco Groove by mythical Spanish gypsies of the 70s.

Paco, Paco, Paco!
Listen to it starting from the second track for a better gipsy experience.

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Blogger Andrés Duque said...

Esto promete...

26 de març, 2008  
Blogger Andrés Duque said...

L'autor ha eliminat aquest comentari.

26 de març, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

fem repàs, no pensesis que passo dels teus posts i butlletins siderals.

Vaig veure la peli de Bilitis, no em va atrapar xo la BSO esta guapa. Molt suggerent.

Vaig trobar discos d'en Hardy al CD Drome a bon preu si t'interessa. Akst no el vaig xo. Força be tb.

Paco, Paco, Paco no em triunfar gaire. No sembla que acabi d'arrancar mai, xo es curiosa si. Les altres les estic evaluant ncara.

D'aquest ja et dire, xo t bona pinta.


29 de març, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

You'd better improve your written English or try writing catalonian, or even Spanish: some 450 million people in the whole world understand it

31 de març, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

anònim yes, I know. my english is so poor. but i prefer to write in (bad) english than spanish for 2 reasons: when I try to write the post I learn a little bit more english searching vocabulary and trying to put in words what I think in my lenguage. the other reason is I'm Catalan and I don't want to make a Spanish blog.

well, I'm sorry for your eyes...correct me if u please.

31 de març, 2008  
Blogger Jo/No said...

Hmm, this looks very promising indeed! Don't bother the grumpy guy who don't like your language. Blogging don't need to be perfect. It's just about having fun and sharing the joys of life. I write mine for the exact same reason.

Check me out: www.jonosaudio.blogspot.com

I also trying to keep a variety in the posts, with some own comps once in a while.

Please do post more local flavour, like this gypsy stuff. There are hundreds of blogs that post New Order, which we all could go inte our local library and borrow or just pay a visit to our elder brothers bedroom ;-) There are not that many who hosts a brilliant Gypsy Soul comp! For instance I would love to hear more funky stuff from Paco? Buena buena king kong!

13 de juliol, 2008  
Blogger Mr B said...

bom dia

great blog buddy I will link you




27 de juliol, 2008  
Blogger Mr B said...

try to push the reaps to 256kps minimum though


27 de juliol, 2008  

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