29 de gen. 2008

Best of : Marilyn Monroe

Today I release a new section I called Best Of. All of them collected by me.

I've always admired this woman. She was maybe a not so good actress or singer, but she has always been the most lightness shadow of Hollywood. A dirty and cracked diamond. Very few people knew who she really was, and maybe she was one of them too. Finally, she meet the death before the love, and that was her big tragedy.

Now we can hear her voice and reminds her with a sad smile.

Tracklist in comments.

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Blogger yoshime* said...

Best of : Marilyn Monroe

1, Some Like It Hot
2, I Wanna Be Loved By You
3, Bye Bye Baby
4, Incurably Romantic (with Yves Montand)
5, Let's Make Love (with Yves Montand)
6, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
7, A Fine Romance
8, When I Fall In Love
9, One Silver Dollar
10, Down In The Meadow
11, That Old Black Magic
12, Every Baby Needs a Da-Da-Daddy
13, Anyone Can See I Love You
14, Heat Wave
15, Do It Again
16, Kiss
17, She Acts Like a Woman Should
18, When Love Goes Wrong
19, Lazy
20, River Of No Return
21, I'm Through with Love
22, Runnin' Wild
23, My Heart Belongs to Daddy
24, A Little Girl From Little Rock (with Jane Rusell)
25, Happy Birthday Mr. President

29 de gener, 2008  
Anonymous V ! said...

i wish there was "teAch me tiger" included . Thank you !

07 de febrer, 2008  
Anonymous Shado Indy Alley said...

You are truly generous to share these with the rest of us that have MUCH SMALLER collections; Congratulations on a fine collection.

And thank you for sharing,too.

I agree, many more SHOULD say 'thanks', after all the cost is so reasonable considering that many of these recordings just WOULD NOT be found, let alone be priced within the grasp of everyday fans like most of us (well, certainly ME anyway)...

but there you have it...once you and a few others have broken the ground and worn some of the corners off this square stone, it will start to roll and before anyone can notices....people will think it was a wheel all along.

As for me, I'm glad I found your blog and I hope you'll keep doing a great job at it!!

Now I have some listening to do...

10 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger André Salas said...

Beautiful tribute to a great star, who I think was a great actress and an inspired vocal interpretational style.

The cover design is beautiful.... this is a CD that should exist, but never did!!!

28 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

I love Marilyn - thanks for this!

05 de març, 2008  
Blogger John Bishop said...

Thank you very much for these long-sought after tracks.

01 de desembre, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

thank u all!

09 de desembre, 2008  

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