30 de nov. 2007

OST : The Party (by Henry Mancini, 1968)

Yes. It's the typical lounge soundtrack for a typical lounge blog. And maybe the only interest of this share is the bonus track, but I love this movie and how Mancini gets in the mood for the cocktail. Just imagine Blake Edwards, Peter Sellers (he crack me up)and Henry Mancini in the same project. Awesome! Therefore, I would post it with something new. The rip includes a single version of 'Nothing to Lose' sung by Claudine Longet (edited on A&M in the same year 1968). She is lovely, isn't she? By the way, do you know the sitar were played by Bill Plummer?


1, The Party (Vocal)
2, Brunette In Yellow
3, Nothing To Lose (Instrumental)
4, Chicken Little Was Right
5, Candlelight On Crystal
6, Birdie Num-Num
7, Nothing To Lose (Vocal)
8, The Happy Pipers
9, Party Poop
10, Elegant
11, Wiggy
12, The Party (Instrumental)


Claudine Longet - Nothing To Lose


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Anonymous Anònim said...

great movie, just LOL all the time!

thanks for sharing!


02 de desembre, 2007  
Blogger arf said...


And if I'm not mistaken, that cover is by Mort Drucker, one of the most amazing cartoonists around, best known from MAD Magazine.
If you have the real cover, you can probably look at it for hours without getting bored.

09 de desembre, 2007  
Blogger yoshime* said...

yes, it's really cool! now im gonna search some Mort Drucker pics

09 de desembre, 2007  
Blogger Mr B said...

the party is one the best 60s movie, just hilarious and so funky, love it too

cheers and thanks!

27 de juliol, 2008  
Blogger FootballRugby said...

The link does not work rapid-share went out of business

14 de juny, 2015  

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