17 de set. 2007

VA : Rare & Bizarre 1

Hi again dudes! How gone the holidays? I wish you were good enough for all.

I made this compilation for my friends from Barcelona last winter. It was a gift via mail because own lifes and jobs don't let us any time to spend together, painless. There are 30 songs from many italian, french and germany (basically) 60s and 70s soundtracks' and funky-lounge psych-jazzy compilations like dusty fingers, the mood mosaic, stroboscopica, supreme lounge, the mighty mellow, rare funk, pulp fusion, mindexpanders, luke vibert's nuggets or jazzbeat! and library records I found in this awesome blog world.

Now I decided to share this with all of you. Hope you like it.
Well, enjoy it!


1, Karl-Heinz Schäfer - La Victime (from Les Gants Blancs du Diable OST)
2, Alexey Ribnikov - Vertolet (from Easy Love 5)
3, Piero Piccioni - Camille 2000 (from Camille 2000 OST)
4, Jerry Goldsmith - Escape From the Planet of the Apes (from Escape From the Planet of the Apes OST)
5, Eddie Warner - Brutas Drums (from Jazzbeat! 2)
6, Janko Nilovic - La Romance D'Helene (from Easy Love 1)
7, Moğollar - Haliç'te Gün Batisi (from Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie)
8, John Cameron - Heat Haze (from KPM 1130)
9, Sven Libaek - Misty Canyon (from The Cream of the Chappell Music Library Sessions)
10, The Duke of Burlington - Flash (from Live at Monone's)
11, Roger Webb - Like a Friend (from Dusty Fingers 13)
12, Nino Nardini - Bumbling Along (from Nuggets: Luke Vibert's Selection)
13, Ennio Morricone - Quasi un Vivaldi (from Revolver OST)
14, Johnny Hawksworth - The Whistler (from Luke Vibert's Further Nuggets)
15, Jean Vassilis - Psycho 2000 (from Live at Monone's)
16, Piero Piccioni - Night Club (from Puppet On a Chain OST)
17, The Animated Egg - Sock it my way (from The Mood Mosaic 10)
18, Les Baxter - Prelude in C minor (Rachmaninoff) (from Moog Rock)
19, Jean-Claude Vannier - Je M'appelle Geraldine [Up-Tempo] (from L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches OST)
20, Steve Groy - Snowmans Stomp (from Exclusive Blend 1)
21, François De Roubaix - Les Dunes D'ostende (from Dusty Fingers 11)
22, Alan Parker & Alan Tew - Pulse of Events (from Mo' Monone)
23, I Gres - Restless (from Stroboscopica 1)
24, Mikael Tariverdiev - Moy Mladshiy Brat (from Easy Love 3)
25, John Cameron - Swamp Fever (from KPM 1130)
26, Guy Pedersen - We Love You (from Mindexpanders 1)
27, Placebo - Humpty Dumpty (from Dusty Fingers 1)
28, Alan Tew & Bullet - The Spic (from Dusty Fingers 3)
29, La Malle - Rougerouge (from Suprême Lounge 3)
30, Brian Bennett - Discovery (from The Cream of the Chappell Music Library Sessions)

Play it!

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Blogger Erin said...

Hey man,

Your blog is amazing! Clearly you are into vintage music, I think you would really dig LuxuriaMusic. They play some really obscure stuff. Very cool
Keep up the great blogging!


21 de setembre, 2007  
Blogger ed! said...

em va encantar el teu disco... em fascina Animated Egg. De fet estic intentant treurela, perque es super bizarra i cruel. L'alex tb se la vol treure...

27 de setembre, 2007  
Blogger adrien said...

This is the same vibe as my 'International Coproduction' mix
available here (free):

24 d’octubre, 2007  
Blogger Tex Jernigan said...

Wow, I've listened to a few tracks and I'm really enjoying this mix. I'd like to get in touch about trading mixes next time you make one.


25 d’octubre, 2007  
Anonymous The ALF said...

Thank you very much for this unique effort. As a songwriter it is needed for me to have these things in my workshop

07 de novembre, 2007  
Anonymous fra(z) said...

Many many thanks for your blog. I've spent a lot of time searchin' around for completing my EASY TEMPO serie, and it's a great gift the one you've done to us all posting the entire set here, for each and everyone. Thanks again, keep goin' on with these vibes!

12 de gener, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

thanks for your words! you are always welcoming!

13 de gener, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

thank you for your wonderful compilations!

09 de juliol, 2008  

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