27 de set. 2007

♪: Dabadaba

Here are a bunch of daba-daba examples from around the globe:

Janko Nilovic - La Romance D'Helene
Ennio Morricone - Metti Una Sera a Cena
Mikael Tariverdiev - Moy Mladshiy Brat
Antón García Abril - Dabadaba (Sor Citröen Theme)
Bruno Nicolai & Edda Dell'orso - Sguardi Teneri (alt. version)
Juliette LeBlanc - Theme from Nights Of Sin
Eddie Warner - Mes Jolies Vacances
Nino Nardini - Bumpling Along
Alexey Ribnikov - Vertolet
Golubie Gitari - Veter Severniy

Stream for more:

Visit Dabadaba Revival Project

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Blogger Paul Durango said...

Hi there!
Your blog is terrific! Thanks!

As you seem to have alot, i have a request : 'La Messe en Ré', from the movie Chobizenesse (directed by Jean Yanne in 1975) composed by Michel Magne ; i would kill for a good rip of it ;)

Anyway never heard about the LP Moog Rock (from which you pick Les Baxter - Prelude in C minor (Rachmaninoff)) for your 'Rare & Bizarre' comp (great choices btw)..

Keep up the good work!


20 de desembre, 2007  
Blogger yoshime* said...

thanks for the words paul!
and sorry I dont hav it. if u find it anywhere please makes me know, i would hear it

hav fun!

20 de desembre, 2007  
Anonymous Anònim said...

thank you

24 de febrer, 2008  

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