19 de gen. 2007

VA : Riding The Roots Chariot

Compiled by Derrick Harriott (1998)

In this cold days I'm enjoying to listening to soft music like early reggae, and other things much bizarres, like Russian Lounge...well. But I decided to post this compilation beacause it's superb and it's like an easy listening LP. It's so retro and it's sounds very rare, means gooood. I wish you to enjoy yourself like I do. And it sounds better if you smoke one of those special cigarrets ;)


Big Youth - Cool Breeze
The Ethiopians - Good Ambition
I Roy - Tougher Than Tough
The Crystalites - Tougher Than Tough (Version)
Derrick Harriott - Slave (12" Version)
Big Youth - Dock Of The Bay
Augustus Pablo, Big Youth & The Crystalites - Bass and Drum Version
Dennis Brown - Concentration
The Ethiopians - No Baptism
Bongo Herman & Les Davis & Bunny - Know For I
Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny - Know For I (Version)
Dennis Brown - He Can't Spell
Augustus Pablo - Bells Of Death
Scotty - Draw Your Breaks
U Roy - Penny For Your Dub
Bongo Herman & Les Davis & Bunny - We Are Praying

Stream it here:

Doo Woop!

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