30 de nov. 2007

OST : The Party (by Henry Mancini, 1968)

Yes. It's the typical lounge soundtrack for a typical lounge blog. And maybe the only interest of this share is the bonus track, but I love this movie and how Mancini gets in the mood for the cocktail. Just imagine Blake Edwards, Peter Sellers (he crack me up)and Henry Mancini in the same project. Awesome! Therefore, I would post it with something new. The rip includes a single version of 'Nothing to Lose' sung by Claudine Longet (edited on A&M in the same year 1968). She is lovely, isn't she? By the way, do you know the sitar were played by Bill Plummer?


1, The Party (Vocal)
2, Brunette In Yellow
3, Nothing To Lose (Instrumental)
4, Chicken Little Was Right
5, Candlelight On Crystal
6, Birdie Num-Num
7, Nothing To Lose (Vocal)
8, The Happy Pipers
9, Party Poop
10, Elegant
11, Wiggy
12, The Party (Instrumental)


Claudine Longet - Nothing To Lose


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12 de nov. 2007

VA : Rare & Bizarre 2

Compiled and designed by me.

If you liked the 1, you will enjoy this one even more (I think/hope). I made it with some special ingredients, a little bit of psychedelic groovy bizarre sounds with a touch of jazz and a soul of lounge. I did it with much care. Do u like the cover? She's not my girl, ehemmm.. but she dances like I do with 'Hunky Dory' or 'La Terre est Ronde'. Also, when she's closing her eyes, her mind escapes from reality to another space-time and thinks about those parties and the ends of those parties in the lovely 60s when Francis Lai or Henry Mancini they were creating the right mood for the last lovers... in the moonlight... What a good times!
Also you will hear organ solos, flute solos, dabadaba, easy listening sure! and lots of funky rhythms.

Well, this is the tracklist:

1. Mike Manieri - Minnesota Thins [from Rare Funk Vol. 4 - Soundtrack Edition]
2. Mr. Bloe - Sinful [from Groovin' with Mr. Bloe]
3. Henry Mancini - Here's Looking at You, Kid [from The Return Of The Pink Panther OST]
4. John Barry - Kinky
5. Henry Mancini - Experiment in Terror [from Experiment In Terror OST]
6. Laurent Petitgirard - Mr. Green Genes [from Pop Instrumental De France]
7. Dr. Böhm - Easter Afternoon [from Panorama-Sound]
8. Gary Burton Quartet - Las Vegas Tango [from The Infamous Queensbridge Collection]
9. The Sounds & Co. - La Terre est Ronde [from Maxi Succes]
10. The Rob Franken Organ-Ization - Hunky Dory [from Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da]
11. Sohail Rana - Soul Sitar [from Khyber Mail]
12. Los Mac's - El Evangelio de la Gente Sola [from Music For Gracious Living]
13. Johnny Hawksworth - Cool Comic [from Chappell Exotica CHAP219]
14. Ennio Morricone - La Festa [from Forza G OST]
15. Juliette LeBlanc - Theme from Nights Of Sin [from Nymphomania 1]
16. Piero Umiliani - Blood River [from 10 Bianchi Uccisi da un Piccolo Indiano OST]
17. Ananda Shankar - Jungle King [from Sa Re Ga Machan]
18. François De Roubaix - Générique [from L'homme Orchestre OST]
19. Alain Goraguer - Maquillage de Tiwa [from La Planète Sauvage OST]
20. Francis Lai - Plus Fort Que Nous [from Un Homme Et Un Femme OST]
21. Lalo Schifrin - Danube Incident [from Mission: Impossible TV Soundtrack]
22. Ennio Morricone - Doricamente [from Mondo Morricone Revisited]
23. Bob James - Nautilus [from Pulp Fusion Vol. 2: Return To The Tough Side]
24. Adrian Younge - Untitled II (with Yuseef Lateef on drums) [from Venice Dawn OST]25. Modern Mixture - Spell Binder (A) [from Conroy Library]

Get it here!

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9 de nov. 2007

Walter Schuman - Pretty Fly (feat. Sally Jane Bruce)

Fragment of 'The Night of the Hunter's original movie score

Don't he never sleep?

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6 de nov. 2007

OST : L'homme Orchestre (by François De Roubaix, 1970)

One of the greatest soundtracks ever written by one of the maddest composers we've ever heard! Although François De Roubaix never gets as much fame as some of the other big French composers, his work from the late 60s and early 70s is completely insane - as you'll hear on this groovy gem from 1970! The album's got a stunning array of great tracks - from funky groovers, to moody 60s numbers, to oddly-instrumentated numbers that show De Roubaix as sort of a late 60s Raymond Scott!
This amazing album has a killer tracks you will never be able to forget! It's a pleasure for me to present you this amazing soundtrack I'm sure you will enjoy so much. Moreover, with bonus tracks!

  1. Générique
  2. Les poupons (avec Oliver et Louis de Funès)
  3. Répétition
  4. Footing
  5. Claquettes
  6. Ballet du rêve (avec Oliver de Funès)
  7. Judo
  8. Audition
  9. Evan Evans
  10. Yacht (avec Oliver de Funès)
  11. Ballade dans Rome
  12. Piti piti pas
  13. Les grosses caisses
  14. Mauricette's song
  15. Final
  16. Evans jerk (inédit)
  17. Mauricette's song (inédit)
  18. Ballet du réve (inédit)
  19. Berceuse (inédit)
  20. Ballade dans Rome (inédit)
  21. Piti piti pas (inédit)
  22. Générique début (inédit)
  23. Répétition (version du film)

Piti piti paaaa (.zip)
Piti piti pum (.tar)

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