3 de des. 2006

Gershon Kingsley - Music to Moog By, 1969

Gershon Kingsley (from Perrey & Kingsley) is the composer of the original "Pop Corn" song from 1969. In 1971 the song was re-recorded by Kingsley's band First Moog Quartet. Stan Free, member of the First Moog Quartet, re-recorded the instrumental with his band Hot Butter in 1972, which became the first primarily electronic-based piece of music to reach the American popular music charts. But this album have more great songs you have to hear.


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Blogger Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Welcome back!

05 de desembre, 2006  
Blogger julioxo said...

Bienvenido Yoshime
Ya echaba de menos tus excelentes post

07 de desembre, 2006  

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