20 d’abr. 2006

The Earthquakers - Whistlin' In The Sunshine

This is a pretty sunny record that will make you feel happy. If you love easy listening and you like funky grooves, this will be your perfect stuff.


Blogger ed! said...

je! esta molt be aqst disc... vaig estar a punt de penjarlo tb.
cheers! :)

21 d’abril, 2006  
Blogger QQF resident said...

Thought I left a comment here, intended to anyway. Very nice share, though it's long gone on a back up dvd-r - like all downloads. The terrible reality of a small hard drive...

28 d’abril, 2006  
Blogger Miss F said...

hello thanks for sharing this album w/ us. DREAMING IN THE MOONLIGHT is one of the most g0rgeous songs I've ever heard in my life. the opening of that song really kiLLs me.

i love how they title their songs perfectly, like "st0rmy heart" (for a passionate l0ver who's in the thr0es of sensuality and longing)amd "whistlin in the sunshine" and "whirlwind of love" which is as wonderful as those Italian library classics.

aGain, thaNk y0u.

26 de maig, 2006  

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