7 de març 2008

OST : Bilitis (by Francis Lai, 1977)

In 1895 the belgian writer Pierre Louÿs publishes the translation of the work of the Greek poet Bilitis, pupil of Sappho. The book had success for its erotic content; rather, lesbian content. In fact, the poetries were written by the same Louÿs, who invented the character of Bilitis and himself as a translator. In 1955 was formed in San Francisco the first lesbian organizations in USA called itself Daughters of Bilitis. Later, in 1977, one of the most commercially successful and controversial photographers in the world, David Hamilton, made a softcore film called Bilitis. Francis Lai composed its film score and won the César award of French Academy of Cinema as the Best Soundtrack Writer of the year.

It's a charming delight.

She and she!
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Blogger raremarc said...

1, Bilitis - Générique
2, Promenade
3, Les 2 Nudités
4, Spring Time Ballet
5, L'arbre
6, I Need a Man
7, Melissa
8, La Campagne
9, Scène D'amour
10, Rainbow
11, Bilitis - Générique de Fin

07 de març, 2008  
Anonymous Anònim said...

he vist la peli aquesta i bueno... no m'ha triunfat gaire... esta b el rollo lesbos q hi ha, xo prou. Suposo q debia ser una revolució en el seu moment... La BSO preciosa.

13 de maig, 2008  

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