3 d’abr. 2008

VA : Rare & Bizarre 4

compiled by me.

I'm pleased to introduce you to my new comp... But first of all, allow me to say something...

These last years, I've been discovering and collecting a lot of music –any kind of music– almost everything from the net –but also my father's records and some purchase– where I've delighted with lots of shares from -mainly- all of you. I can't describe how exciting was for me to discover all of those rare stuff. Now, I'm addicted to Piccionis and Morricones, Libraries and Soundtracks, and I want to thank you all of your shared material. I feel like a beginner yet, because I can't invest too much money in obscure records. So, I want to dedicate this volume to the people behind his blogs like: Phil from Soundstational (now Eastern Eye), Monone (who has very similar likes to mine), LeCurling from Brutdegroove, Number06 from Sounds of Champaign, my old and good friend Dr. Z from The Unknown Planet, Vinyl 4 Giants, Agent Double-o-Soul, Licorice Pizza, It's Coming Out of Your Speaker, Vladimir from Paradise Soul, Rato from Rato Records Blog, Lenin In Space, Per-Christian from Music From the Third Floor, Paul Durango, Tobias from Mondo Morricone, Lost-In-Tyme, Soul Diggs from Heavy Weight Crates, Dust 2 Dust, A Pyrex Scholar, Stigma Rest Room, the great Chocoreve, Moogsensations, also friends from Weirdomusic, Totaly Fuzzy, Gravy Bread and Whole Lotta Blog, and losts Endless Mike †, admired Lellebelle †, Dichtung Und Wahrheit †. Your effort and work are always very appreciated.

This humble selection is a modest homenage to all of you and to many others I've not mentioned.

Hope u like it...

Take a look to the tracklist:

0, Pete Moore - Asteroid
1, Johnny Mandel - Harper Does It Better
2, Eddie Warner - Last Whisky
3, Roger Webb - Grey Sigh
4, Poyuschie Gitary - Nocturne
5, Franco Micalizzi - M2
6, Francis Coppieters - Sales Talk
7, Paul Mauriat - Attends Ou Va T'en
8, James Clarke - Boogaloo Smith
9, Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour - Leaving To-morrow
10, Bruno Nicolai - Gin
11, Ananda Shankar - The River
12, Lalo Schifrin - Bossa Antique
13, Gianni Marchetti e Nora Orlandi - Amore in Contraluce
14, Jerry Goldsmith - Justine
15, Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw - Sweet Summer
16, Romano Rizzati - Vocal '700
17, Alan Moorhouse - Angelic Gas
18, Berto Pisano - Tema di Oscar
19, John Barry - Theme From The Persuaders!
20, The Earthquakers - Whistlin' in the Sunshine
21, Francesco de Masi - Altalena Party
22, Sandro Brugnolini - Giuggi
23, François Cousineau - Pavre Amour II
24, Moğollar - Ilgaz
25, Luis Enriquez Bacalov - Theme From Il Grande Duello

Get it!

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