14 de febr. 2006

OST : Un Homme et Une Femme (by Francis Lai, 1966)

Japan Edition 1997

In 1965 he met filmmaker Claude Lelouch and was hired to help write the score for the film. Released in 1966, the film was a major international success, earning a number of Academy Awards, and for the young Francis Lai, a Golden Globe Award nomination for "Best Original Score."

Amazing classic from also amazing composer. In this quite album you can find 'Plus fort que Nous', a great song that inspired to Jay-Jay Johanson debut.

Updated in 192 kbps!


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Blogger QQF resident said...

A lovely, lovely soundtrack :)

I'm a big fan of Pierre Barouh and Francis Lai. You wouldn't have Lai's "13 jours en France" or Barouh's "Vivre"? (Impossible to find.)

If so, we simply have to do an upload trade of some sorts...

Roar (my name)

16 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger ed! said...

si tio! es una gran B.S.O... el meu pare t el disc on inclou el hit.
Doncs lo del format del blog ho pots mirar a ayuda blogger i tal... 1r em vaig limitar a canviar colors i despres vaig anar veient els efectes q tenien les meves modificacions sobre el format del blog... fins q va qdar com mes o menys volia. es una mica arriscat xo val la pena.

16 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger Lori Rogers said...

any chance you have his album

La Lecon Particuliere

16 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger Yoshime* said...

no, sorry eddie

17 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger Lori Rogers said...

Is this the movie "A man and a woman?

18 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger Yoshime* said...

yes, it is

19 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger leclusier said...

hi, just discovered your nice blog, thank you for sharing. could you please (please) repost this album?

31 de març, 2007  
Anonymous Anònim said...

I've been looking for this album for ages! Many thanks for sharing!
All the best,

19 de desembre, 2007  
Anonymous the alf said...

Thank you very much. I have two copies of the LP but they are buried within dozens of boxes where I won't get to them until I have a stable place to live. I also have the film itself. It's a piece that one understands better as they age and perhaps what is seen as corny, or childish, when time passes and we realize that it is not the difficult things that don't get done - it is the simple things

also the musical theme is emblematic, like san remo style, or brazil

yeah I've tried to find this for awhile and even d'L the 64 bit version but that grated on the nerves

the alien life form

Ps I have enjoyed your site for awhile

05 de febrer, 2008  

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