6 de febr. 2006

Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson, 1971

Simply, the best Gainsbourg's album.

Alan Parker - guitar
Herbie Flowers - bass
Douglas Wright - drums
Alan Hawkshaw - piano
Jean-Claude Vannier - arrangements, Orchestra Director
Jane Birkin - vocal parts (and posed for front cover art)

Updated...Oh Melody!

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Blogger ed! said...

si tio. me va fascinar quan el vaig escoltar a ca teua havent tornat de navarra. es un molt bon disc.

07 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger Ras said...

fantastico albúm!! Gracias por compartirlo.

07 de febrer, 2006  
Blogger ciRcoLoCo said...

que me dices del COMIC STRIP?

08 de maig, 2006  
Blogger yoshime* said...

si, tb es buenissimo, pero este es mas conceptual, no se, es perfecto.

18 de febrer, 2008  
Blogger Alex B said...

A too much irregular album. It mixes elements and ideas of pop, rock, prog, trying to creat some music like a soundtrack ( spoken parts are for this?). A doubt: is Melody a real woman?

13 d’agost, 2008  
Blogger yoshime* said...

hola Alex B:

wikipedia says about that "Melody Nelson is the fictional subject of a concept album, Histoire de Melody Nelson, by French musician Serge Gainsbourg.
Similar in concept to, if not based on, the infamous Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita, the plot of the album concerns the protagonist's brief relationship with a teenage English girl named Melody Nelson, who he meets when his Rolls-Royce collides with her bicycle. They begin a passionate but short love affair, which ends when Melody dies in a plane crash."

well, only exist in gainsbourg's imaginary

14 d’agost, 2008  

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